Sr. Mabel: “Mission of Hope”

A special visit from Sr. Mabel Pilar, FMA, Provincial Animator

The visit of our dearest Provincial Animator, Sr. Mabel Pilar, FMA, to the educating community (EC) on August 25-30, 2017, evoked feelings of joy and gratitude among us.  It was a time for Sr. Mabel to encounter the different groups that compose the EC so as to know them better, to hear their stories and also to impart her message to them.


After giving her a tribute through prayer and a program, Sr. Mabel was invited to give her good day talk.  “The youth should always live the virtue of hope in these trying times”, Sr. Mabel said. “With the many issues and problems that plague our society and country, from poverty to uneducated young people, this message rings loud and clear. In everything always try to spread a positive change. It starts with ourselves and it starts now.”


Hope is nourish by our faith in God, who is our Source of Hope. Let us be bearers of hope to everyone.

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