Women and Empowerment

Education is considered one of the most important means to empower women with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to participate fully in the development processes of the society may it be social, political, health or the spiritual aspect of life.

In this manner, MOH-TIW a leading institution that caters to poor, young, promising and deserving young girls promotes the fulfillment of women’s potential through education and skills development by:

1. Creating a safe space
MOH-TIW is a conducive place where education is at its best free from any form of destructions.

2. Forming them to be honest and value-laden Christian citizens
It is the school’s core value to inculcate honesty to the students leading them to be individuals who are true to themselves and to others. They are able to execute things that are not solely based on human thinking but are to be guided by the highest rule that of living a life fully patterned to that of the Gospel values.

3. Supporting independence and mobility
Students are trained to perform or execute various tasks with independence relating both to their studies as well as in various co-curricular activities held throughout their training.

4. Forming them to be women of dignity and honor
The school facilitates numerous sessions and activities through the assistance of a well-versed facilitator/speaker on topics related to the dignity of women and the preservation of their honor.

5. Teaching them to be self-reliant and innovative
The students are provided with opportunities where they are to exercise their abilities on how they can solve given situations in life without resorting to instant solutions that are contrary to Christian teachings and/ or just rely on others to do it for themselves.

6. Building in them self-confidence and self-esteem
During the duration of their in-school training, the students are provided with different activities that will enhance their self-confidence and boost their self-esteem.

7. Boosting decision-making power
Students are given countless in-door and out-door activities both during their classes and in other school related events that elicit their decision-making capabilities.

8. Impact health
The different disciplines in the curriculum for these young girls give emphasis on their wellness both physical, psychological and spiritual.

9. Build networks
Networking is not simply information exchange between two persons but it involves establishing relationships with people who are in association with the formation of the individual. That is why the students are trained to be in close collaboration with the educating community of MOH-TIW forming part of their wholistic formation.